How to Attract and Retain Millennials in the Workplace

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Corporations, desperate for skilled labor, are searching all over the world for anyone who can think outside the box. The problem is, all of the ping pong tables, free lunches, and incentives in the world may attract the top talent, but it doesn’t make them stay. What’s the point of hiring innovative people if you put them into an environment that kills creativity? The only thing that keeps skilled millennials around is a culture built on transparency, mentorship and trust.

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The Corporate University Shift: Why Great Companies Invest in Custom Learning

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Corporate Universities in a Nutshell

A corporate university is an educational institution that facilitates organizations to cultivate organizational and individual learning and knowledge. The primary goal of a corporate university is to provide the infrastructure for employee and management training and leadership development and to maintain corporate competitiveness in a changing economy. Read More

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Why We Need To Expand The Definition of Workplace Diversity

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A 2014 study by SAP had some interesting findings about workplace diversity:

When polled about the biggest concerns being faced by HR managers surrounding diversity at work, 60 percent cited employees’ lack of interest in assimilating workplace values, 50 percent were worried about conflicting generational values, and 47 percent said that they were concerned about the so-called “unrealistic expectations of millennial employees.”

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Why Diversity Training Doesn’t Work And How to Fix it

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Ah, mandatory diversity training. Everyone dreads it because it comes across as one of two ways:

  1. Much too harsh and confrontational
  2. Extremely condescending

But for many organizations, educating employees about their differences is a non-negotiable part of workplace culture. There has to be a better way to think about diversity at work though, right?

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5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Start a Learning Program for Intrapreneur Superstars

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Since the dawn of well, business, entrepreneurship has been the gold standard for true innovation. Entrepreneurs–the fearless few who innovate, collaborate, and create jobs for others–are both tasked and credited with some of the greatest revolutions of our time. But why should entrepreneurs (and their small businesses) reap all the benefits of agility, nimbleness, and creativity?

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10 Opportunities for Learning Leaders to Drive Change in the Industry

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In some ways, the learning industry evolves quickly and trends change all of the time (like these 3 trends we found earlier in the year). But in other ways, it’s not changing fast enough. Innovation in leadership development, employee development, and education is the lifeblood of staying current and competitive in today’s corporate landscape, and it’s up to learning leaders like you to drive that change.

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