Companies spend about $20 billion a year on a wide variety of sales training. But there’s a disconnect. Estimations show that only 37% of sales reps receive 16+ days of sales training during their first year on the job. Only 50% of companies say their product training is meeting or exceeding their expectations. 34.9% of sales leaders aren’t sure what measurable improvement they seek from training investment. Meanwhile, statistics show that continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee. Many companies assume the traditional sales training methods are the best, but technology-based methods are demanding more and more by learners as younger generations begin to take over the workforce.

In the beginnings of a great home, the right material that not only holds your home above the ground, but also keeps out the cold, water, and resists movement, is needed to build a proper foundation. The same applies to the foundation of highly effective sales training. A truly great foundation for a home requires more than digging and pouring in some concrete. It requires customization to its unique conditions like the soil around it, weather conditions, and lay of the land. The same applies to epic sales training. It needs to be customized to the needs of the business and the sales team. This includes the sales process, the content of the training, how the training is delivered, and the types of skills taught, which will all be covered in this book.

What will you learn:

  • Product Knowledge Basics
  • The Importance of Soft Skills Training
  • Our 5 Step Approach to Sales Training

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