Free eLearning Resources Section

eLearning Mind strives to be the best custom eLearning company by staying ahead of the development curve, incorporating solutions for clients from many backgrounds. We have put together a list of free e-Learning resource articles and reference posts covering everything you need to know about e-Learning as it relates to the corporate world, businesses, and elements of academia. Our eLearning resources page is both comprehensive and ever-expanding, with a focus on methodology, learning management, and corporate strategy.  Please check in frequently to see new and updated eLearning resource articles. Check our eLearning blog for some learning thought leadership and more in-depth analysis.

Types of eLearning

eLearning represents the fusion of learning and teaching by way of new technology. This means using new forms of tech such as multimedia, computer-based programs, and mobile apps to enhance current forms of learning, including social learning, blended learning, micro learning, synchronous and asynchronous learning, and more.

Learning Management Systems

A learning management system is the use of software for various education and training programs. Various eLearning software specifications include Tin Can API and Scorm, as well as other related resources below.

Instructional Design

Instructional design is the technical term for the act of creating an experience, which allows a learner to acquire knowledge and information in an easy, efficient, and engaging way. This includes popular methods such as ADDIE and SAM. Check out our resources for instructional design below.

eLearning for Companies

Corporate eLearning is where eLearning truly shines. It brings elements of learning from the lab and the classroom into companies for their respective training and learning programs. Any company in search of an edge over the traditional norms will find that edge in eLearning.

eLearning eBooks

Download our free eLearning eBooks for the latest expert analysis in eLearning methodologies, eLearning design, corporate eLearning and more.