A positive work environment will always outperform a negative one. Period. We all want to work at a company where creativity, continuous learning, happiness, and positive energy are the norm, but sometimes, negative behaviors or experiences happen that need to be addressed. How can you take a positive approach when it comes to workplace issues, but still maintain a positive relationship with your staff?

In this eBook, we are going to cover just that, and how to approach these types of situations using “Critical Conversation”. We’ll cover what a critical conversation is, how to have one correctly, a role play exercise, and the methodology and research behind critical conversations.

A critical conversation is one crucial part of building positive relationships in your business. It’s an effective way to communicate with an employee when there’s an issue that occurs in the workplace due to a negative behavior. These conversations are prepared, objective, and intentionally designed to not only reach an outcome which resolves the issue, but to provide an opportunity to develop the individual. Unfortunately, managers have been holding these types of conversations incorrectly for years, often leading to hurt feelings/emotions, and negative outcomes they may not even realize.

We are here to provide the right process to have these conversations, getting the message across effectively, and maintaining a positive culture in the process.

In this free guide you will learn:

  • How to set up the conversation properly
  • How to describe the issues objectively
  • How to explain the consequences
  • How to provide recommendation

Good Luck!
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