Too often, employees tasked with conveying critical company information to sizable or remote staffs go through the motions and settle for dismal results. They fail to incentivize their teams with the same degree of excellence as they do their customers. They say they don’t have time or resources to do it right. They suffer the consequences of turnover and lapses in productivity.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Did you know that people only spend 1 minute on average looking at a text-only website, but research indicates that they’ll engage with videos, images, and audio for four minutes or longer? That’s a HUGE difference in engagement, especially when it comes to other types of digital communication. With some strategic effort, an understanding of how the human mind works, and the right combination of multimedia, it’s possible to measurably improve internal learning experiences and a variety of other internal communications.

The best multimedia learning is consistent with how the mind works. Companies looking to succeed at multimedia learning would be well-served to study what the experts say about formulating narratives and the right combination of formats to maximize it.

If you need to make the case to leadership on why multimedia is a necessary engagement tool in your company’s learning and communication, this eBook is for you.

You will learn:

  • What multimedia is and how it enhances engagement and learning
  • The shift from static communications to multimedia
  • Case studies on companies who’ve seen success
  • How to “make the case” for multimedia and overcoming barriers