The human attention span and ability to absorb information is surprisingly limited. In fact, the average human attention span is only 8 seconds. Less than a goldfish. In this eBook, you’ll learn how microlearning can overcome these limitations and create an effective learning process.

Think about where you get most of your facts and food for
thought nowadays. More likely than not, it’s not from a
textbook or a long-form article you’ve read, but something short
and snappy you saw on your Facebook feed, Tumblr,
or other social media channel. This is microlearning, and it means
that the information you read on Twitter is, in fact,
considered learning.

Microlearning is convenient and quick, but those are far from the only reasons it’s so attractive. In fact, the biggest cheerleader of microlearning isn’t your packed schedule or your demanding boss: It’s your brain. Small bits of information cater to your brain’s waning attention span, but still, leave a big impact on your long-term memory.

In this free guide, we will uncover the neuroscience behind why microlearning can be effective for any subject matter, including corporate training.

What will you learn:

  • Understand why microlearning is important
  • Direct how neuro-learning plays into what and how we absorb information
  • Focus on the benefits of microlearning
  • Get a real-life case study of a microlearning example and see how you can benefit

Make it stick!
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