Did you know that 60% of millennials leave their job in 2 years? And the cost to replace them ranges from $15k to $25k. When considering the fact that by 2020 millennials will take up 75% of the global workplace, understanding how to manage millennials in the workforce becomes a critical task.

The cost to hire, train and replace millennials is higher than an experienced employee, but they have tremendous potential and real worth. The trick to making a relationship with a millennial long-term is proper onboarding combined with leadership succession planning. Wondering how to make that first move with millennials? Getting to know them a little better definitely helps.

Whether it’s just the start of your summer fling with millennial employees, or you’re worried about a once-great relationship fizzling out, it’s clear that organizations can’t treat the younger workforce like any old connection. A clear understanding of essentially who they are and what they want is the key to harnessing the awesome potential millennials offer. Their enthusiasm, innovation, and creativity are worth whatever you put into attracting, onboarding, and training a younger workforce as part of your organization.

What will you learn and use from this free eBook:

  • Who are the millennials and why should you care?
  • Learn how they tick
  • Learn how to actively recruit a millennial workforce
  • Learn how to retain them
  • Learn how to on-board them
  • Learn how to train them better
  • Get a real-life case study and see how you benefit

Check out page 3 of the eBook for our Millennial infographic. Lots of great stats to help you maintain a strong workforce.

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