Infographic: What is Neurolearning, and How Neurolearning Can Drastically Improve Your Ability to Learn New Skills


What is Neurolearning?

Neurolearning is a learning method that is aligned with the way in which your brain processes information. Neurolearning optimizes your learning experience by creating a positive mood through visual storytelling, facilitates your brain to embed new learning in existing knowledge, and enhances information recall speed.

Why Neurolearning?

Neurolearning integrates cognitive psychology and adult learning theory with modern user experience (UX) to ameliorate structural thinking by means of creating higher engagement with learning material, deepening understanding of learning material, and improving information recall and retrieval speed.

Why do we so easily remember things like songs, commercials, and movies, but seem to almost instantaneously forget the content of last week’s training material? You might not realize it, but neurolearning pieces are at play here. A song, for example, is broken into small chunks, which is easier for our brains to consume and paints a story in your head that draws on your emotions, which in turn creates a deeper neural connection to the content. You are also actively engaged with the content by singing along, which is actively enhancing memory formation in your brain tied to the song. When we apply these basic concepts of neurolearning to training and respect the brain and the way it processes information to better harness its infinite potential, it ultimately leads to more effective, more powerful eLearning.

neurolearning infographic

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Bad eLearning sends one clear message from your business to your employees: “We don’t care about you!” Companies who value their talent invest in them, and one of the top ways to show employees you value their time and work is by providing them with great learning to help them progress in their career. Innovation stems from employees that feel valued and care enough about the company to want to make it better.

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