There is a huge disconnect in the way most diversity training has been and still is being deployed. Recent media has covered several failures of some of the largest brands attempts at revamping their diversity training. A study from Harvard and Tel Aviv, that was based on a series of research from Kalev and Harvard’s Frank Dobbin, studied 830 U.S. diversity training programs. The findings show that companies who implement mandatory diversity training actually saw declines in the numbers of some demographics and a zero improvement among women and minorities. The authors also show how the efforts to reduce prejudice can not only backfire but lead to an increase in bias and hostility.

What’s missing? Most often, the problem stems from having the wrong mindset about diversity, which stems from years and years of really bad diversity training.

This eBook will show you how to rethink and create a learning that cultivates a healthy diversity mindset in your company culture. This free guide will give you 8 clear steps in the right direction, and help you create a culture of diversity that opens your business to a world of benefits and possibilities.

You will learn:

  • How to clearly define what is diversity and inclusivity and how it affects your organization
  • How to make diversity learning voluntary instead of mandatory
  • How to make the learning interactive and engaging
  • How to tie it all together Happy Learning!
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