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Make the Case for A Multimedia Solution At Your Company

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As humans become more comfortable will technology (think Millennials and their successor Gen Z), employees will no longer be interested in Powerpoint and printed handout manuals. A multimedia solution is quickly becoming the norm for thriving organizations with 93% of teams seeing a video as essential to communication and 67% of respondents planning to increase their video budget according to a leading internal communication research and training organization.

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This is What Google is Doing to Reinvent Their Certification Course

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Think about the time you took the written test for your driver’s license: You were probably nervous, with the sweaty palms and weak knees to prove it. You might have felt unprepared because no matter how much you studied, you were left completely at the mercy of a pass or fail grade at the end for whether or not you got your certification.  

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How 3 Real Clients Received Multimedia Success

By | eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning Trends

Multimedia can sound like a great thing on paper but how does it stack up in real life? With all the buzz around audio, media, animation, and video it can be hard to see how a multimedia campaign could fit into your organization. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some case studies from our clients who looked for multimedia solutions to bring about change in their company and how it impacted their programs when they found multimedia success.

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5 Things You Should Know to Launch Your Course on Your LMS

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There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as assuming that your course is ready for launch, only to find out that errors and bugs are standing between the learners and the information they need. Whether you programmed your digital learning in-house or you hired a digital learning vendor, you’ll need more than fanfare to make sure your launch brings learners the training they need. Follow these tips to make sure it all goes smoothly on your LMS:

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The Shift from Static to Multimedia Communication

By | Building A Learning Culture, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning and Development

In this day and age, people have what seems like infinite ways of communicating with each other but not all communication are created equal. For some texting is the way to go; for others, it’s keeping up that Snapchat streak; and sometimes you can’t beat an old-fashioned, handwritten letter. When it comes to your company, have you considered multimedia communication?

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Multimedia Learning Could Increase Engagement for Your Team

By | Building A Learning Culture, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning Trends

By now Multimedia isn’t a new concept. Between Instagram Live and Snapchat’s augmented reality, we’re pretty comfortable around multi-forms of media usage. However, sometimes we fail to see how we can apply media into our professional life when it comes to corporate digital learning. Multimedia learning can be defined as the combination of narrative, images, video, audio, and animation designed to engage users; it’s a great way to make learning more exciting.

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Discover the Right Way to Choose A Voiceover for Your Digital Learning

By | Building A Learning Culture, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain

Voiceovers are a lot like design: you only really notice it when it’s bad. That’s because a good voiceover is so seamless that it becomes an integral part of your digital learning, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Voiceovers that are condescending, boring, or even a little too homemade can turn learners off and make them focus on anything but the subject matter. Hiring a pro might sound pricey, but in the right circumstances, it’s an investment you’ll need to make. Consider these factors before you start recording:

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