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internal talent

The Talent You Are Missing Might Already Be On Your Team

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It’s a jungle out there, and we don’t mean for employees. Today, it’s the employers that are at a disadvantage because organizations are fighting for the attention of a few multi-talented individuals. When someone has talent in their role, other companies will take notice, and you could find that your organization keeps losing crucial personnel to competitors.

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user experience

Why User Experience is the New Brand Loyalty Program

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It’s a scenario we’re all too familiar with: You get a new toy–a TV; a bookshelf; a new phone–and the second it’s out of the box, you want it to be fully functional. But we’re also all too familiar with the woes of something new, and from assembly frustration to a steep learning curve, you might be stuck reading manuals and using trial and error to learn how to use or put together something new. Not a great user experience.

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fintech, elearning

How FinTech Accidently Gave eLearning a Bad Name

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We can definitely appreciate the benefit of early adoption. It’s early adopters that drive the embrace of new ideas in spaces that have remained stagnant for years–even decades. But is all early adoption good early adoption? Fintech was one of the first industries to jump on the eLearning bandwagon, but unfortunately, didn’t necessarily adopt all of the better parts of eLearning.  Unfortunately, as a result of the way eLearning was adopted, the industries reputation took some serious damage; damage that we’re still undoing as an eLearning company today.

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internal communications

3 Ways Learning Will Amplify Your Internal Communications

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Everyone seems to be communicating about the lack of communication within the workplace without much success. It’s not surprising, internal communications may be one of the hardest things to learn and foster, especially in a business where you are dealing with hundreds of people who all have their own ideas and needs.

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diversity, diversity and inclusion

Why We Need To Expand The Definition of Workplace Diversity

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A 2014 study by SAP had some interesting findings about workplace diversity:

When polled about the biggest concerns being faced by HR managers surrounding diversity at work, 60 percent cited employees’ lack of interest in assimilating workplace values, 50 percent were worried about conflicting generational values, and 47 percent said that they were concerned about the so-called “unrealistic expectations of millennial employees.”

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transparency, leadership

Why We Put Transparency At The Core Of Our Communication

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As far as workplace culture goes, transparency is still a fairly new concept. After decades of closed doors and strict manager hierarchy, organizations are finally starting to open their doors and collaborate across departments. For good reason, too: Transparency at work has a proven track record of helping employees feel better-connected to management, feel more heard, and improve levels of trust across the board.

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intrapreneur, elearning

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Start a Learning Program for Intrapreneur Superstars

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Since the dawn of well, business, entrepreneurship has been the gold standard for true innovation. Entrepreneurs–the fearless few who innovate, collaborate, and create jobs for others–are both tasked and credited with some of the greatest revolutions of our time. But why should entrepreneurs (and their small businesses) reap all the benefits of agility, nimbleness, and creativity?

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Learning leaders

10 Opportunities for Learning Leaders to Drive Change in the Industry

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In some ways, the learning industry evolves quickly and trends change all of the time (like these 3 trends we found earlier in the year). But in other ways, it’s not changing fast enough. Innovation in leadership development, employee development, and education is the lifeblood of staying current and competitive in today’s corporate landscape, and it’s up to learning leaders like you to drive that change.

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eLearning Timing

Why You Should Time Your eLearning Like A Marketing Campaign

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Marketers understand the importance of the “magic hour”: that unicorn-like time zone where users open their emails, watch ads, and otherwise engage with the latest campaign. It’s clear that certain times of the day are more popular than others for increasing engagement rates, which is why you don’t usually get special offers at midnight.

But what if the same logic and analytics applied to make a marketing campaign more effective was applied to eLearning? By taking human behavior into consideration and offering some common sense solutions for your learners, you could increase engagement rates (and give users something other than marketing emails to open). Read More

learning, elearning

Why The Rising Demand for Learning Has JetBlue and Virgin Taking It to The Skies

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If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the drill all too well: You scan your boarding pass, find your seat, and then plug into whatever mind-numbing entertainment options are available to you on your flight. Sure, you could be working on that upcoming presentation you keep putting off, or discovering the latest in your industry, but you could also watch six episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Two millennial-facing airlines are looking to change the way the newest crop of business travelers fly, and it’s not by mistake that the newest in-flight entertainment option is learning. Read More