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Why Understanding Learner Motivation Is Key For Gamification

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Just like eLearning can’t take place without a deep understanding of learner motivation, gamification in employee training won’t work without an understanding of what drives and motivates employees. Just adding points or badges to a learning module is not gamification. Each game mechanic taps into different motivators, so to apply the right ones, you have to understand what motivators you are trying to activate, and how they align to the goal of the learning experience. You can find an in-depth look at how different game mechanics appeal to different key motivators in our eBook here. Read More

Ways training design affects information retention

How to Avoid Letting the “Turkey Effect” Affect Learner Retention

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You’ve probably heard the story about the turkeys that go to the flying convention, where they learn to soar like eagles. Of course, after the convention, all the turkeys turn around and walk home.

It’s a poignant metaphor for instructional design. What good are beautifully designed eLearning modules if learners forget what they’ve experienced the moment class is over? It’s through the design of programs and modules that learners internalize information deeply enough to actually change their behavior. Understanding how design is linked to learner retention can help you avoid the “turkey effect” during (and after) training.

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