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How To Turn An Elevator Pitch Into Effective Digital Learning

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If you’re interested in startups, business, and finance, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an episode or two of Shark Tank. On the show, small business owners get about two minutes to pitch their life’s work to a room of investors, for better or for worse. In most cases, first impressions are very telling: concise, driven entrepreneurs do well, while those that lack direction and relevancy are torn to pieces by the sharks themselves.

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annual performance reviews

Case Study: A Conservative Approach to Annual Performance Reviews

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We have come to understand that overall, annual performance reviews don’t really work. Besides the fact that it’s impossible to sum up an employee’s year long contributions in just a few moments, the process wastes, on average, 80,000 man hours annually. And what do you have to show for it? Performance reviews rarely leave the impact that you want, especially since you have to wait another 365 days to reassess progress.

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corporate training

The Top 10 Requested Corporate Learning Blog Topics for 2016

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From marketing to microlearning, we’re always getting requests for blogs and questions about trends and best practices in corporate learning. Luckily, we’ve also been cultivating our own library of articles, opinions, and expertise, all while keeping track of the trends. As 2016 winds to a close, we wanted to take stock of some of the most requested corporate learning blog topics for the year (and show you where to find the answers to all of your burning blog-based questions).

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custmer experience

How One Brand is Using eLearning to Sweeten Customer Experience

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Customer experience: It’s what sets some organizations heads and shoulders above the rest. Everyone is trying to improve customer experience as a way to generate buzz and create customer loyalty, but it’s easier said than done. Getting one location, branch, or store on board and offering a superior customer experience is one thing, but when you have hundreds of locations, shoppers might be having very different experiences, even if the sign above the store is the same.

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augmented reality

These 3 Industries are the Early Adopters of Augmented Reality

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If you ask most people about augmented reality, their experience is probably more along the lines of Pokemon Go than it is corporate training. But the combination of digital information and the real world isn’t just for mobile entertainment, but a real solution for learning at work. Before it’s dismissed as a development still far off the future, you should know that some industries have been all too happy to adopt augmented reality as a tool for better learning. And, when augmented reality naturally segues into virtual reality applications, these are the industries that will already have a leg up on the buy-in for new technology.

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company culture, learning

Why You Need Learning to Support Your Company Culture

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They say that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, but in business, it can feel like what’s good for the goose… is selfishly just good for the goose. That’s because many organizations have the same overarching theme: whatever is done for employees is expressly for the benefit that it offers the company. While it’s true that this sensibility can give employees some amazing benefits, the idea that any work perk is only in place to help the organization’s bottom line doesn’t always reinforce a positive company culture. Instead, it sends the message that the company comes first and any benefit to the employee should circle back to the organization.

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experience jfk bomb scare better crowd control

Why Our Experience with the JFK Bomb Scare Inspired Us to Brainstorm Better Crowd Control

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By now you’ve probably heard about the bomb scare that paralyzed JFK airport in July. I was among the evacuated travelers, and I have a tale of confused crowds, misaligned authorities, and a disorganized mass evacuation that didn’t have to happen. After this first-hand experience, it led us at ELM to wonder what went wrong and more importantly, how we would train airport staff and authorities to better manage a similar event in the future.

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corporate university

The Corporate University Shift: Why Great Companies Invest in Custom Learning

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The term “corporate university” might conjure images of boring training and hours of video, but don’t sell them short: When executed well, corporate universities can be a major play for employee productivity and retention.

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pokemon go, learning, elearning

How to Get Your Learners as Addicted as Pokemon Go Players

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You can barely go online–let alone leave your house–without meeting a barrage of Pokemon Go players hunting for a Jigglypuff or looking for tips to level up. As of last month, the game boasts 21,000,000 active users and cranked up Nintendo’s stock price 120 percent, with the price of Nintendo-related paraphernalia going up 200 percent in the wake of its July release.

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growth marketing, learning and development

How Learning And Development Is Your Secret Sauce to Growth Marketing

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Co-Authored by our co-founders: Andrew Fayad and Simon Casuto

Believe it or not, your Learning and Development (L&D) department is the key to getting your growth marketing strategies on point. You want a consistent, engaged, and loyal audience, right? Well, so does the L&D department, they just do it internally.

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