How we got started

Founded by Jack Makhlouf, ELM was born to tackle Corporate America’s stale internal and external-facing learning. Using his expertise and knowledge from 20+ years of experience in corporate learning and development, Jack led ELM to quicken the pace of innovation in corporate digital learning programs.

In 2012, Jack joined forces with entrepreneurs Simon Casuto and Andrew Fayad to take ELM’s vision of taking the elearning industry to the next level by creating engaging, fun, and meaningful digital learning experiences. The addition of Simon and Andrew’s expertise in finance, project management, and customer service has evolved ELM into the powerhouse it is today.

Where we’re going

ELM’s growth as a company is exponential. Over the years, ELM has molded into an influential force in the corporate training world with its unique approach to make all learner experiences smart and beautiful. The Instructional Design and Creative Team at ELM works hand-in-hand to produce engaging and visually appealing training that emphasize on learner-centered design.

Armed with a foundation grounded on UX and Neuroscience, ELM continues to make waves in the corporate learning space with their constant drive to push the boundaries of learning experiences.


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