Guide: What Does an Instructional Designer Do?

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How To Become An Instructional Designer

If you landed on this page, you’re either considering a career in the eLearning industry, are going to school for a master’s degree in instructional design, or you’re already working as an Instructional Designer (ID) and want to grow in your career. Wherever you’re at on the spectrum, this blog will give you the information and resources you need to position yourself on the cutting edge of learning and design.

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Why the Learning Experience Designer (LxD) is the new Instructional Designer

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Making the Change From Instructional Design To Learning Experience Design

The UX designer in your office might have rockstar status, but could UX designers 15 minutes of fame be up? While there’s definitely still room at the top, a new iteration of the skillset is pushing the boundaries of how we create experiences in the corporate learning space. Meet the Learning Experience Designer or the LxD.

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