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Why Mindfulness Deserves a Place in Your Leadership Training

By | Developing Leaders, eLearning Solutions

It seems like something you’d hear while meditating during yoga class: Mindfulness teaches us to be present and deliberate in choice and action. But mindfulness has made its way from the yoga mat to the office in some organizations, and the benefits have been significant and even scientifically proven. The shift to soft skills as part of leadership training should encourage mindfulness, so it’s worth understanding why keeping mindfulness on your mind could make all the difference.

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convince your boss to give you a bigger budget

How to Convince Your Boss to Give You a Bigger L&D Budget

By | Building A Learning Culture, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning and Development

Asking your boss for a bigger L&D budget is probably about as enjoyable as a root canal, especially if they don’t really see the value in improving learning and education. But if you’re passionate about L&D and know that your organization could do way better, asking for a bump in the budget might be necessary. If you strategize correctly, you can create a bid for better learning that is practically impossible to deny.

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addie vs sam Iterative design systems

Iterative Design Models: ADDIE vs SAM

By | eLearning Solutions | 5 Comments

Iterative Design Models: ADDIE vs SAM

Whipping up a boring corporate learning or training session into a dazzling & engaging eLearning experience has huge, obvious benefits. The question is – what model best fits your team? Which iterative design model – ADDIE or SAM – is best suited for your module or session and can ensure that your employees and learners retain all of the subject matter?  In order to understand the models and choose what fits your eLearning program, we have to explain the origin and differences in the age old ADDIE vs SAM debate.

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corporate university

The Corporate University Shift: Why Great Companies Invest in Custom Learning

By | Building A Learning Culture, Developing Leaders, Learning and Development, Learning Trends, The Latest In Design and Development, The Millennial Workforce

Corporate Universities in a Nutshell

A corporate university is an educational institution that facilitates organizations to cultivate organizational and individual learning and knowledge. The primary goal of a corporate university is to provide the infrastructure for employee and management training and leadership development and to maintain corporate competitiveness in a changing economy. Read More

business building blocks learning program

Without These Building Blocks Your Learning Program Will Collapse

By | Building A Learning Culture, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain

The building blocks of great learning may seem simple—if you build it, they will come, right? Wrong. Just because you’ve constructed great learning doesn’t mean you’ll see the success you want. Sure, great content is the foundation of a successful learning program, but there are other factors that make up the brick and mortar. Make sure you’re creating solid learning experiences by understanding the basic architecture behind any program.

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How to Get Your Learners as Addicted as Pokemon Go Players

By | Disrupting Learning, Engage and Retain, Gamification, Learning Trends

You can barely go online–let alone leave your house–without meeting a barrage of Pokemon Go players hunting for a Jigglypuff or looking for tips to level up. As of last month, the game boasts 21,000,000 active users and cranked up Nintendo’s stock price 120 percent, with the price of Nintendo-related paraphernalia going up 200 percent in the wake of its July release.

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The Difference Between Creativity Vs. Creative Learning (and How To Harness Both)

By | eLearning Solutions, Learning and Development, Learning Trends, The Latest In Design and Development

Don’t accuse us of splitting hairs: They sound like synonyms, but the terms “creative learning” and “creativity” actually have very different meanings when applied to education and learning and development. Not only would using them interchangeably be a mistake, but it might demonstrate a lack of understanding your learner altogether. Find out how creative learning and creativity are related and what it means for you–and mostly your learners.

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How Learning And Development Is Your Secret Sauce to Growth Marketing

By | Building A Learning Culture, Disrupting Learning, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning and Development

Co-Authored by our co-founders: Andrew Fayad and Simon Casuto

Believe it or not, your Learning and Development (L&D) department is the key to getting your growth marketing strategies on point. You want a consistent, engaged, and loyal audience, right? Well, so does the L&D department, they just do it internally.

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