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Why You Should Time Your eLearning Like A Marketing Campaign

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Marketers understand the importance of the “magic hour”: that unicorn-like time zone where users open their emails, watch ads, and otherwise engage with the latest campaign. It’s clear that certain times of the day are more popular than others for increasing engagement rates, which is why you don’t usually get special offers at midnight.

But what if the same logic and analytics applied to make a marketing campaign more effective was applied to eLearning? By taking human behavior into consideration and offering some common sense solutions for your learners, you could increase engagement rates (and give users something other than marketing emails to open). Read More

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Why We Integrate Our Instructional Design and Product Design Teams

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In most cases (and especially for in-house instructional design situations) the instructional design and product design and development teams operate side-by-side. Each is stored neatly in its box, and any collaboration happens in an “over the wall” type of interaction.

At eLearning Mind, we’ve rethought the way that our ID and multimedia design departments work together, and we realized that these teams are interdependent and collaborating over a wall isn’t the most effective way to get the most out of each. Here’s the methodology our entire team follows.  Read More

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5 Ways To Effectively Teach Soft Skills To Your Sales Team [Infographic]

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We all know that the best sales people have the “it” factor that no one seems to be able to describe. It’s in the way they communicate to a customer, that connects with them beyond the surface level, and spawns an immediate likeability and trust. Sales managers wish they could clone this person’s hard to train skill set, and many try to by creating training initiatives. Unfortunately, most sales training programs are missing an important focus.

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How To Cultivate An Ecosystem Where Learning Happens Naturally

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How to Cultivate a Learning Ecosystem

If you’re fairly proactive about your learning and development of your team, you’ve probably heard a lot about creating a conducive learning environment. In the eLearning world, “learning environment” typically refers to the way a classroom is set up, or just the general setting learners are in. You can create the greatest learning experiences in the world, but a learner’s success to large degree relies on the right kind of environment: a learning ecosystem.

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3 Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Animation for Learning

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 “Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.” -Walt Disney

At first glance, the decision to go with animation over live-action training makes sense from a business perspective. It’s obviously much less expensive than hiring a subject matter expert, and it gives you the chance to create branded assets specific to your organization.

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Why The Rising Demand for Learning Has JetBlue and Virgin Taking It to The Skies

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If you’re a frequent traveler, you know the drill all too well: You scan your boarding pass, find your seat, and then plug into whatever mind-numbing entertainment options are available to you on your flight. Sure, you could be working on that upcoming presentation you keep putting off, or discovering the latest in your industry, but you could also watch six episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Two millennial-facing airlines are looking to change the way the newest crop of business travelers fly, and it’s not by mistake that the newest in-flight entertainment option is learning. Read More

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Here’s a Secret From Top Tech Companies: Make Your Learning Human-Centric

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In a perfect world, you’d be able to accurately predict learner behavior based on pure data or even previous experiences. But real life is much messier and less precise, which is why we need to become human-centric. Every learner reacts different to subject matter, and unique viewpoints and past experiences can play a role in how that information is received and stored.

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