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Microlearning or Gamification: Who Wins When It Comes To Millennials?

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Millennials seem to be the talk of the town, and they should be as they are quickly taking over the majority of today’s workforce. Companies worldwide are looking for new ways to connect with, engage, and train these up-and-coming, tech forward leaders, and it can get a bit foggy with all of the different training delivery methods out there. We chose the top two delivery methods we get asked about most often to discuss in this article: Microlearning and Gamification.

If you want an in-depth look at both of these delivery methods we created a Microlearning eBook here, and a Gamification eBook here

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How to keep employees focused

How to Keep Employees Focused and “In the Zone”

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We’ve all been there: Whether at a meeting, at their desk, or taking a training module, despite your best efforts, you struggle to keep employees focused. Maybe you’re thinking about what you need to buy at the store on the way home. Maybe you’re daydreaming about your next vacation. Whatever the reason for the wandering, it signifies a deeper problem than disorganized thoughts: It means that you’re not engaged with what’s happening around you.

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Ireland Tax Rate, St. Patrick's Day, St. Patty's Dau

Why Many U.S. Companies Are Celebrating This St. Patrick’s Day

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Most of the articles out there today will rehash the history and traditions of St. Patrick’s Day, cover the revelry, and of course, tell you which restaurant is serving the best corned beef nearest to you. But beyond its culture, the Emerald Isle celebrates tremendous economic growth, and a large majority is in thanks to American companies.

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explainer video, customer loyalty

How Better Customer Education is the Secret Ingredient for Customer Loyalty

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Many eLearning principles are also highly effective when applied to the marketing front, especially when it comes to customer loyalty. While most think of customer loyalty as the percentage of wallet share you earn in any given customer’s pocket, today’s social landscape has altered what that loyalty really means. It’s not only about spend, but word-of-mouth advertising, engagement rates, and how likely a customer is to recommend you to others.

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learner motivation, gamification

Why Understanding Learner Motivation Is Key For Gamification

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Just like eLearning can’t take place without a deep understanding of learner motivation, gamification in employee training won’t work without an understanding of what drives and motivates employees. Just adding points or badges to a learning module is not gamification. Each game mechanic taps into different motivators, so to apply the right ones, you have to understand what motivators you are trying to activate, and how they align to the goal of the learning experience. You can find an in-depth look at how different game mechanics appeal to different key motivators in our eBook here. Read More

growth hack, gamification, neurolearning

How to Growth Hack Your Brain Using Gamification and Neurolearning

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When you hear the term “growth hack,” what do you think of? Similar to growth marketing, it’s one of those buzzwords that marketing pros throw around, especially when speed and size are of the essence. But more than just a flashy hashtag, #growthhacking has real applications when it comes to helping your learners see the need for more training.

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competition, gamification

The Office Hunger Games: Why Competition Works at Work

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Running through an arena and fighting for your life is one thing, but does competition work as well in the office as it does in the movie theater? If you’ve ever seen The Hunger Games movies, you know that competition can be a huge motivator–especially when life is at stake. But if the stakes are much, much lower, can you still capitalize on competition as a way to engage learners and increase takeaway?

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Customer Service Training

How Better Customer Service Training Turns Angry Customers into Brand Ambassadors

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Any customer-facing organization understands that it’s fairly impossible to keep everyone happy, all the time. Even companies known for their excellent customer service training and experience are bound to have some users with complaints, and those complaints can reverberate through social media and sully your reputation.

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