Train Your Sales Force How To Warm Up Their Cold Call

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The cold call: Love it or hate it, it’s often a necessary evil in the world of sales and marketing. But just because it’s not always the most personal of contact methods doesn’t mean it has to involve a script and an inevitable firm rejection. With the right training, it’s possible to turn your sales force into masters of the cold call. No, it’s not as simple as compliance or procedural training, but taking the time to improve sales soft skills could result in your next big break.

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Is There a Way to Effectively Teach Soft Skills to Physicians?

By | Engage and Retain, Learning and Development, Microlearning

Anyone who’s ever had a brusque interaction with their physician can tell you that some skills just can be taught. And really, who can blame a doctor who has a full docket of patients at the ready? Top medical institutions like the Cleveland Clinic are realizing, however, that the importance of soft skills like communication and interpersonal skills are crucial to the success of the hospital or patient care facility. The Cleveland Clinic has found that by focusing on the patient experience, malpractice litigation decreases, patient retention increases, better health outcomes, along with a wide array of other positive outcomes.

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Here’s the Secret Number to Help You Avoid Information Overload

By | Engage and Retain, Learning Trends, Microlearning, Neurolearning

You may not realize it, but we have a natural defense to avoid information overload. Imagine that someone is giving you a phone number. It’s almost universal: They will give you the first three numbers first (8-6-7) before giving you the last four numbers (5-3-0-9). Why do humans almost naturally default to this method of “chunking” information?

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5 Ways to “Uberize” Your eLearning

By | Engage and Retain, Learning Trends, The Latest In Design and Development, The Millennial Workforce

Did you know that if you traveled all Uber trips in just the past five years, it would be roughly the same as a round trip to Saturn? Not bad for a company that started five years and $200K ago. Today, Uber is one of those rare success stories, valued at around $63 billion. And, naturally, there are a myriad of ingredients that contributed to Uber’s success, but a few of them can be directly applied to eLearning programs, too. It might be time to cut the fat, get lean, and use these five tips to operate in the Uber way for better results.

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training the unconventional worker

How to Create Training For Employees That Are Always On The Go

By | Engage and Retain, Microlearning, The Millennial Workforce

Sales reps; casino workers; hospitality employees: If there’s one common thread between these professions, it’s an almost chronic lack of time. That’s because these unconventional employees are constantly in motion, whether it’s closing the deal or offering stellar customer service. Still, these movers and shakers often require training, even if they don’t have the time to sit through something in a conference room.

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