Infographic: What is Neurolearning, and How Neurolearning Can Drastically Improve Your Ability to Learn New Skills

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What is Neurolearning?

Neurolearning is a learning method that is aligned with the way in which your brain processes information. Neurolearning optimizes your learning experience by creating a positive mood through visual storytelling, facilitates your brain to embed new learning in existing knowledge, and enhances information recall speed.

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Feeling Undervalued? Here’s 3 Ways to Fix Misaligned Training Initiatives

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So, your company doesn’t think a dedicated L&D department is worth the money? It’s a common problem, especially when budget cuts start slashing through what the C-suite deems unnecessary. But although execs look like the villains in this scenario, it might be those who oversee L&D who are the real offenders. Supposedly the heroes of the tale, misaligned training initiatives and out-of-date training can make the L&D department look like the bad guys.

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How to Move Mountains and Become a Conduit for Leadership

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It’s a common challenge for forward-thinking organizations: How do you keep the best candidates for leadership roles in the company? On one hand, fast-tracking individuals could leave them feeling stressed and unprepared, but at the same time, moving too slowly could frustrate potential leaders, causing them to look for opportunities elsewhere.

Change management; leadership training: In our view, it’s one and the same. So how do you become a conduit for leadership? By making leadership more of a strategy and less of a one-time thing, you can easily spot the potential leaders and give them the responsibility they crave. Here’s how.

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Employee Training ROI

How To Prove The Value of Your Employee Training Efforts

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Analyzing ROI for employee training programs is notoriously (and frustratingly) difficult. After all, how do you really measure the efficacy of something as abstract as learning and memory? While it may not be possible to assign an actual number or measurement to training efforts, Kirkpatrick’s model for training evaluation might be one of the best tools for figuring out how you’re doing. Utilizing learner input and even big data makes it possible to quantify–or at least evaluate–training efforts.

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Here’s Why You Will Probably Buy a Powerball Ticket Today

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“I will buy X when I win the Powerball” posts are blowing up every social media channel and news outlet over the past week. The skyrocket in lottery ticket sales with the Powerball hitting its highest grand prize to date exposes the powerful (and slightly scary) influence the lottery has over our brains. We aren’t fools. Every person understands how unlikely the chances of picking the winning numbers are, yet most of us are going to buy at least one lottery ticket before tonight’s draw.

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Passing The Torch: 6 Habits of Highly Effective Leadership Programs and One Way to Totally Screw it Up

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It’s time to pass the torch down to the next generation of workers. With an estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day, 4 million positions will need to be filled by new generations (a majority of these in leadership roles). Gen X and Gen Y (aka Millennials) are the next in line to take over.

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Learning and Development

5 Core Ingredients of the Best Learning and Development Teams

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No one can really tell you the exact recipe for organizational success, but it usually has many of the same ingredients. A dash of momentum; a generous helping of insight; all the right key players. But if you want to make sure your organization is seen as not just successful, but also an innovative workplace that employees love, it needs to be a learning organization as well. Successful learning and development teams see past training by rote to actually educate employees and improve talent management.

Here is a list of 5 core ingredients that transcend every successful L&D department.

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Retain Employees Through 4 Crucial Layers of Personalized Onboarding

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Anyone who’s ever onboarded a new employee knows that it’s a careful push-and-pull between new employee and established employer. As a new recruit, the individual you’re onboarding wants to learn everything she can about her new job. As an employer, it’s your job to give your new employee the information she needs to get started and be effective right away.

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We Uncovered 3 Major eLearning Takeaways to Implement This Year

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Whether you’re spending New Year’s Day doing penance in the gym or you’re more of a resolutions naysayer, there’s one thing we can all agree on: The New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the previous 365 and apply those insights to the next 12 months. And eLearning is no exception to the rule of using last year’s triumphs (and failures) as a method to make the next year better than ever. Here are some of the key takeaways from 2015 that we’ll be applying to 2016.

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