Why Instagram is Perfect for Learners with Commitment Issues

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that your learners are busy. Between their work responsibilities, family life, and side hustles, they don’t have enough hours in the day as it is. The idea of a long training session (especially if it isn’t mandatory) can make even the most career-driving individual suffer from commitment issues.

But the very same learner who cries “Uncle!” when invited to a training meeting might be the same person who stops to watch cooking and makeup application tutorials when scrolling through Instagram. Why is a total commitment-phobe willing to engage on Instagram, but not in the conference room? Read More

Africa Rising: How eLearning is Elevating Education in the World’s Fastest-Growing Market

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Revolutionizing the way an entire continent thinks about education is hardly a one-size-fits-all solution, but eLearning is definitely coming close: As Sub-Saharan African nations set their sights on making education more accessible for everyone, learning applications such as MOOCs and online post-secondary schools are filling an obvious gap that has long since plagued the area.

A sudden push from legislators, educational institutions, and social vigilantes has highlighted both the need for developed eLearning programs and the opportunity for a previously untapped market. Learn how eLearning is poised to create an educational revolution in Africa and its North American influence becomes more apparent. Read More

3 Reasons We Love Informal Learning Culture at Work

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Stodgy cubicles; domineering execs; cowering employees; is your workplace set up for collaboration or a redux of Office Space? It’s official: Informal workspaces are the next big thing in employee satisfaction, especially where L&D is concerned. And while you may be hesitant to employ a decidedly casual tone around the office, it’s worth considering the benefits before pigeon-holing employees into a nearly immovable hierarchy. For our part, we here at eLearning Mind recommend an informal learning culture that encourages collaborations and breaks down the barriers that stand between employees and their full potential. Here’s why: Read More

Does Your Organization Need HR or L&D?

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Some might mistakenly believe that HR and L&D are a straight-across trade. After all, both oversee onboarding and training, right? But it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario, and while they may seem the same on the outside, the inner workings of HR and a dedicated L&D department are vastly different.

Not all training is created equally, and the function for which you rely on HR may not pan out for all methods. Instead, understanding the key differences between the two is your first step in deciding just what your business (and your employees) need. Read More

Which LMS Should You Choose? 3 Questions to Ask First

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Your learning management system is your ally in L&D applications. It’s a jack of all trades that, if chosen properly, can do everything from aiding your course development to reporting on how your learners are doing. The only caveat? There are literally hundreds of learning management systems to choose from when you take SAAS, custom development, and Web-based programs into consideration.

How do you know which LMS is right for your organization? It depends on what exactly you need your LMS to do for both you and your learners. Various features stand out depending on how you’ll use your LMS, so always ask yourself these three questions before you decide. Read More

Wax On, Wax Off: How to Make Mentoring Part of Your L&D Strategy

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Some of the greatest heroes of our time owe their success to the attention and advice of a mentor: Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior; Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson; The Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi. Mentoring is for more than literary figures and fashion powerhouses, though; it’s a method for increasing satisfaction for both the mentor and the mentee. When mentoring is applied to a blended L&D approach, it adds a new depth to go far beyond training by rote. Could mentoring be the piece your strategy is missing? Read More

5 Reasons the Military is Switching to mLearning

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When you think of military boot camp, you probably envision drill sergeants, along with plenty of blood, sweat, and tears. But don’t forget that not all military training is done on a muddy field. In fact, a shift in the way the military trains personnel could have troops just as likely tapping away on smartphones as they are doing pushups.

So why the shift in training tactics? The strategy is all about mLearning: Small, bite-sized pieces of information that can be used to train personnel anytime, anywhere. Here’s why the military is making the change to mLearning (and why your organization should follow suit). Read More

eLearning 911: Emergency Situation Training Strategies

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Every industry has its own brand of emergency, whether it’s bank procedure in the case of a robbery or data lockdown after a security breach at a tech company. Whatever the type of emergency, the employees that are best prepared are the ones to alert, react, and lead in the aftermath.

Unfortunately, most emergency training programs leave employees feeling less than heroic. Instead, it’s just another layer of corporate training to power through before getting back to work. By rethinking the way your organization approaches emergency situation training, it’s possible to get employees to feel like true stakeholders in the security of the business—whether it’s virtual or physical. Read More