Our CEO Talks Productivity (Huffington Post)

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Your personal schedule can be jam-packed. There are conferences to organize, meetings to attend, emails to respond to, projects to complete, and new contacts to meet. If things are going well, the pace rarely slows.

Learning and creativity is best facilitated away from your desk. – Andrew Fayad

However, you can increase productivity if you know how to pick your spots. There are certain hours in the day that are better-suited to different kinds of work-related activities. In this piece, 13 members of the YEC offer their own strategies for productivity outside the office.

10 Tips to Make an Efficient Survey (YEC Edition)

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Customer surveys are typically a fantastic way to gauge the quality of your company’s services, as well as your audience engagement. But there are times when a survey won’t do the trick — customers won’t want to fill it out because it’s too long or boring, or because there’s nothing in it for them.

Tip 1: Use a Recommendation Scale

Fix that with these 10 tips for maximizing your survey’s effectiveness. Our CEO, Andrew Fayad, and nine other entrepreneurs offer advice for creating and sending out a simple, appealing, and efficient customer survey so you can get a feel for what’s going right at your business. Click to learn more about the author YEC and blog Under30CEO