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We use a blend of modern UI/UX principles and our NeuroLearning methodology.

We’re on a mission to continue to disrupt the eLearning industry by helping the largest brands and businesses solve their most challenging problems through custom elearning. We believe learning is the key to innovation and maintaining a true competitive business edge, and our team at ELM is here to help you achieve this.

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We work with top brands to solve their biggest problems. Here is what they have to say:

"We came to eLearning Mind to help us create eLearning modules for our custom LMS. They were highly responsive and quick to deliver a quality product, on time and on budget. Their development process and customer service exceeded mine as well as my firm’s expectations."

− Global Learning and Development Leader at a 10,000+ person Biotechnology Company

"Their entire process is centered around understanding the customer's needs and building the perfect learning experience for the target audience. I am blown away by our final product and can't wait to share it with the national pediatric community."

− Staff Physician at UCSF Children’s Hospital, Oakland

"The learning we rolled out with eLearning Mind to the entire Weight Watchers organization was the best training we ever delivered."

− Lesya Lysyj, President, Weight Watchers North America

"We've been working with eLearning Mind for over seven years and they have provided exceptional instructional design, creativity and technology to deliver learning that has engaged our employees and helped drive our performance culture."

− Director of eLearning at a Global Financial Services Firm with 90,000 employees

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Our work showcases a wide range of style, structure and instructional design uniquely catered to the specialized needs of each of our clients. We believe that visual, audible and kinesthetic engagement is the cornerstone of each of our pieces.

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User-Generated Content is Going to Set Your Digital Learning Apart

By | Building A Learning Culture, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning and Development, Learning Trends | No Comments

Imagine that you’re spending a leisurely day shopping at the mall. You’re happily examining a pair of shoes when suddenly, another shopper rushes up to you. She is wearing the exact same shoes and can’t stop gushing about how stylish and comfortable they are–and at such a good price! You’re sold and buy the pair for yourself.

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engaging content

How to Create Engaging Content That Won’t Make Your Employees Swipe Left

By | Building A Learning Culture, eLearning Solutions, Learning and Development, Learning Trends | No Comments

At the risk of divulging some of our favorite apps, we will admit that there’s something gratifying about being able to demonstrate rejection with a single swipe. In a social scene where you have about five seconds to make a good impression, creating an immediate connection with your audience can do more than get you a date. But how do you get engaging content?

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Millennials And Digital Learning: How They’re Going To Help You Improve

By | Building A Learning Culture, Developing Leaders, eLearning Solutions, Learning and Development, The Millennial Workforce | No Comments

No matter how you feel about them, this much we know is true: Millennials are an inescapable part of the corporate landscape. In fact, by 2030, they won’t just be part of the corporate landscape, they will make up 75 percent of the dominant generation.

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collaborative learning

Together, Apart: Collaborative Learning With a Global Team

By | Building A Learning Culture, Disrupting Learning, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning and Development | No Comments

In a perfect world, each training session would find your entire team in the same room, learning from each other, and building lasting team relationships. But with business expansion, teams are finding themselves all over the country, even the world. Through satellite offices, telecommuting, and global branches it means that your organization doesn’t have to be in the same time zone, let alone the same room in order to have a learning session. But what about collaborative learning?

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Business Landscapes Are Changing, Let Your Employees Know They’re Valued

By | Disrupting Learning, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning Trends | No Comments

Today’s business landscape means that no two days are the same. Industries are changing; you’ve probably learned that if your business doesn’t adapt, you could all too easily be left in your competitor’s dust. But where does that leave your employees? As you adapt to a changing landscape, you expect your employees to follow suit. As roles change, however, you might find that you’re inadvertently tapping into their greatest fears: becoming obsolete.

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digital learning

Why A “Shrink to Fit” Method Won’t Work for Digital Learning

By | eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning and Development, Learning Trends | No Comments

We all wait with baited breath each time Apple announces a new iOS. New emojis and better functionality await if you’re patient enough for the update to download. But, as most developers know, a new iOS can also result in major headaches—especially when it affects the way an app is displayed, the functionality of a website, or other minor kinks that cause major user issues.

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perpetual learning

Create Perpetual Learning That Will Help Your Employees Soar

By | Building A Learning Culture, eLearning Solutions, Learning and Development, Learning Trends | No Comments

We’ve all heard the oft-used parable about the turkey conference. It’s the one where the turkeys attend a conference where they learn to fly, spending the entire day soaring to new heights over the farm. And when the conference is over? They all walk home.

Contrast that to the treatment of learning as a one-time event. You spend a ton of money on expensive one-day training or pay for an off-the-shelf program to get your employees excited about a new skill. They get amped up and enjoy the learning, but eventually return back to their own ways once they sit back down at their desks. The problem could be retention, but we contend that the main issue is actually a symptom of the traditional way of thinking about learning and training.

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digital learning

How To Turn An Elevator Pitch Into Effective Digital Learning

By | Developing Leaders, eLearning Solutions, Engage and Retain, Learning Trends | No Comments

If you’re interested in startups, business, and finance, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an episode or two of Shark Tank. On the show, small business owners get about two minutes to pitch their life’s work to a room of investors, for better or for worse. In most cases, first impressions are very telling: concise, driven entrepreneurs do well, while those that lack direction and relevancy are torn to pieces by the sharks themselves.

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eLearning Mind is a custom eLearning company with a focus on design and development. We specialize in taking a company’s existing content and transforming it into custom and readymade solutions & custom eLearning modules for employees and learners, by engaging them with educational course materials through various methods such as microlearning, corporate gamification, blended learning, mlearning, and more. Whether it’s multimedia and audiovisual, social and mobile learning – we are disrupting the eLearning industry with our unique ability to transform any corporate learning into a successful eLearning course for companies & organizations. We have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and look forward to working with your company. For more info: check out our Learning Lab, as well as our eLearning resources page. Call us today.